Redsson Elevates User Experience Through Revamped Brand Identity


Author Rich Schurfeld


Publish Date Sep 22, 2020

Last updated on Sep 22, 2020

We recently made the decision to elevate our brand identity and redesign our website. Sure, we had our own reasons to change things up. The goal was to make Redsson’s services more discoverable and understandable to users like yourself. That’s why we focused on different aspects of the website to make an impact on overall user experience.

First, it’s worth mentioning what exactly we did and how it impacts our brand equity. We made significant branding updates that included a refreshed logo and more clearly defined products. The new site also allows us to more easily tell our story and explain our approach to show we’re a dedicated partner, not just another vendor.

Two Reasons We Redesigned Our Website and Brand


Improving website usability for our visitors


At Redsson, we help organizations streamline complicated manual processes. We took this to heart and strategically laid out every one of our custom solutions in one space, providing an instant glimpse into our product offerings with the option to click and learn more about each.

Returned Mail - Eliminate and automate fragmented, manual returned mail processes to avoid lost revenue, unhappy customers, and unnecessary collections costs.

FollowUpPro - Automatically update patient information in your cancer registry software to maintain accreditation and increase productivity.

Parachute - Keep your database accurate, up-to-date, and complete to increase invoice deliverability and make informed decisions in the collections cycle.

CompPro - Collective bargaining software that simplifies what spreadsheets complicate, allowing you to make compensation decisions with confidence and accuracy.

To communicate our brand values better

During the redesign process, we opted to be clearer about ‘Why Redsson’ and what we’re all about. We like to say we have big business capabilities with small business values.

Our dedicated team of experts uses a sleek process to create the right custom solution for your needs.

  1. Listen - We carefully listen to what’s being done now.
  2. Recommend - We recommend options for solving your challenges and develop ideas that make the most sense.
  3. Build - It’s time to turn those ideas into actual tools or services.
  4. Use - Having people use what we’ve built is the best way to prove if a solution is accomplishing the intended goals.

The job doesn’t stop after the solution is put into use. We’re committed to delivering one-on-one consultative support to help you achieve your unique organizational goals.

Overall, we looked at our brand and our products and wanted to make sure that it portrayed the core values we live by every day: our dedication to our customers. If you’re looking to expand your bandwidth, improve communication between internal/external systems, or realize you need something completely unique to your organization, our team is ready to listen.

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