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Managing Returned Mail To Increase Revenue


Author Redsson


Publish Date Jul 13, 2020

Last updated on Oct 01, 2020

How Managing Returned Mail Can Increase Revenue

It’s a problem that many companies don’t think about because they either don’t see the opportunity cost or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of employing people to sort through massive stacks of mail that is supposed to be outgoing. USPS mail codes are dense, and may not be worth the brainpower it takes to memorize them, but it is worth your time to ensure the mail you're sending ends up in the hands of your customers; not back in your mailroom where it becomes your problem again. This is key in order to increase revenue by managing your returned mail.

The cost of returned mail

Every piece of mail you send costs you money! If you’re a company that’s sending out thousands of bills, notifications, and marketing materials every month, those costs add up quickly. Consider the amount of mail that comes back and has to be sent out again. Specifically, bills. That’s money you’ve lost until it’s paid, and it won’t be paid unless you can notify your customer that the bill is past due. It’s not likely a customer will go out of their way to hunt you down in order to make sure your company gets paid what it’s owed. Without being able to provide notice of a past due balance, the chances of a customer paying up on their account, or even knowing that they’re behind in the first place drops significantly.

Work smarter, not harder

Any time a piece of mail comes back to your company with one of those yellow stickers and a USPS returned mail code, you have a decision to make. Are you going to let it slide and call it a loss, or are you going to put in the effort to find out why this undelivered mail was returned to you and send it back out? If it’s a bill, you’re almost certainly going to start working on a way to find the intended recipient so you’re paid for services rendered. That’s going to take time and effort from your staff, and it won’t be free. Any extra time they spend on re-mailing letters is time they could be spending working on something more pressing, and more profitable for your company. It’s time you wrangled in that unnecessary cost and put those savings toward something more meaningful to your company than re-mailing letters to customers. Redsson Returned Mail has created an automated system that gets your outgoing mail into the right hands. Contact us to see how we work with your company to get that giant stack of returned mail under control and where it needs to be.

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